Miguel Useche

Hi! I'm a web developer, university professor, Mozilla, volunteer, blogger and open source advocate.

I like web development using open standards, I like to work with high quality, secure technologies, good usability and support the majority of browsers. I like to: program in Javascript, use frameworks, use Wordpress as a content management system and on my free time, to participate in open source projects.

I live in San Cristóbal, Venezuela (-4:30 UTC). I'm a proffesor ascribed to the Computer Science department at Universidad del Táchira, also, I work as a web developer and as a Linux sysadmin. If you would like to work with me, just contact me on any medium to ask for a budget.

Services to offer


I like to design user interfaces focused on good usability, build templates from designs, create websites where the page adapts to the device's resolution (Responsive design), create o modify jQuery's plugins to increase the posibilities of the site, develop MVC applications to be executed on client side using AngularJS.


I like to develop with Yii Framework, to guarantee security, easy maintaining, stability, scalability y lower costs. For websites, I like to work with content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, where I can create addons and extensions to adapt them to client's needs.


I work with GNU/Linux servers, do installations, service maintaining, script writing to solve problems or to automate processes, write Firewalls, install, implement or migrate systems or databases.

Open source projects

On my spare time, I like to participate on open source projects. These are mine and I invite you to use them, study them and any improvement is welcome.

CRUD generator for phpPgAdmin

Plugin to generate web pages to perform actions like Create, Report, Update and Delete information from database.

jQuery Archive List Widget

A Wordpress widget to compress/expand the archive list of a website using jQuery effects.

jQuery Categories List Widget

A Wordpress widget to compress/expand the categories list of a website using jQuery effects.

Communities where i collaborate

Part of my spare time, I like to dedicate it to different open source communities, I collaborate with some work to improve this projects because they make my job easier.

I write PKGBUILDs (scripts to create packages) of those applications not available at the repositories nor AUR, you can see the list at my profile.
I collaborate answering technical questions/problems and moderate posts at support forums, Wiki translator.
I write articles, social media leader, diffusion, developer and maintainer of the Venezuela's website.
I'm the one who translates the application to spanish, plugin development and bug reporting.